About Us

Do you wait years for your morning coffee?

I’m Jerry.

And it was the 3rd time that week I was late for work. Because of coffee.

You see – I love great coffee. And you get the highest quality coffee from (some) coffee shops.

That’s why I would go to a shop every morning. Your regular grocery store coffee just doesn’t compare.

But here’s the problem...

I wasn’t the only one who knew this. The lines to get a great cup of joe are long before work.

And I would wait...

And wait...

Until I finally got my cup. And then I was late for work.

I wanted to drink high-quality coffee from the comfort of my home – without waiting in lines.

This is why I started Midsouth Coffee & Tea.

Everyone deserves fresh, good tasting coffee without paying a small fortune every morning.

But right away it felt like an impossible task.

Let me explain:

It takes 35,424 hours to go from a coffee seed to the cup you drink in the mornings. That’s more than 3 years.

To have the best cup of coffee you need every detail to be perfect:

  • right soil
  • right weather
  • care & hard work to grow the plants
  • avoiding pests & disease without chemicals
  • roasting exactly down to the minute

Here’s how we did it:

We reached out to hundreds of farmers and suppliers from all across the world...

But we only work with 13 of them. Why?

We wanted farmers who:

  • grow their coffee without chemicals
  • pay a fair wage to their workers
  • are in regions that has the perfect soil
  • who don’t process beans in a mechanical way

Once we had found our ideal farmers, we ran into another problem:

It doesn’t matter how good the beans are if they go stale...

How can we keep them fresh while shipping them all over the world?

We came up with 3 solutions that keep them as fresh as coffee shop beans:

  1. We roast the coffee after you order. The bags don’t sit on shelves going stale.
  2. We vacuum seal the bags to make sure there’s no oxygenation happening while your beans are traveling.
  3. We match the flavor profile with the perfect roast time. For example – roasting an Ethiopian dark makes it go stale faster than roasting it light.

And then the hardest part began:

Going through this process for every coffee and tea you can find on our page.

So when you order and get your fresh, high-quality coffee – remember:

It took 35,424 hours to make the delicious cup you enjoy. Every morning.